Custom Web Design and Cloud Solutions

Leveraging our Custom Services for You

Connected Life Sites leverages our years of extensive software coding experience, great attention to detail, and a sharp focus on user experience to create a custom solution for you unlike what you’ll get from anyone else.

Web Design

We deliver a custom web design and implementation just for you, from start to finish, built on the popular WordPress platform. We partner closely with you to understand your requirements and ideas. Our finished products look professional, perform well, are easy to update, are filled with special features, and offer great value compared to larger firms. We can provide graphics ourselves for most customers, but if you are looking for extensive creative graphics design work, we will collaborate with your graphics artist to integrate a final solution.


Our custom web designs go well beyond just the surface-level look. We pay great attention to the user experience for your customers, as well as build in special tools and features to make updates a breeze for your staff.

Cloud Solutions

Connected Life Sites has extensive experience in creating custom software and database cloud-based solutions that can transform your business operations. From small features that make a big difference, to large projects that revolutionize your operations.


An example: We created a cloud solution for a school to manage its athletics eligibility program. They previously turned in papers each week with marks for all their students, which were then manually tallied by office staff and a report created, printed, and hung on a wall in the teacher’s lounge. Connected Life Sites created a simple-to-use and secure online solution where each teacher submits their marks by clicking a few buttons, the results are automatically accumulated and various reports can be created by any teacher and team coach anywhere, anytime. Reminder emails are automatically sent that greatly improve on-time submissions. This cloud solution has revolutionized the entire operation and saved countless hours of staff time.


We have created many similar Cloud Solutions that revolutionize a business operation.


What can we do for you?


Connected Life Sites has experience in many diverse technologies that we can apply as needed to create a solution for you.


What our Customers are saying
What our Customers are saying


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