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Anyone can create a nice looking website. But what sets Connected Life Sites apart are the extra features to make updates a breeze and the custom database and cloud-based features created to provide innovative solutions to evolve your business operations.   Connected Life Sites is part of Connected Life Innovations, LLC, founded by Mark Stein for providing innovative online solutions. We serve a diverse variety of small businesses, non-profit organizations, churches, and schools.


Mark has worked for more than 30 years as a software professional in a global company, leading international teams of software architects, designers, and developers to define and implement innovative new systems and features for large telecom customers. He co-founded Merlin Siteworks in 2010 to provide web design and cloud solution services, which later evolved and led to the founding of Connected Life Innovations, LLC.


Our Customers Tell the Story

Connected Life Sites enjoys working closely with small businesses and providing them with innovative solutions and outstanding customer service. We take pride in earning positive feedback and repeat business from our customers and in knowing they are happy doing business with us and the results we deliver.


Our clients have included several Catholic parishes and schools, an Italian market, a facial aesthetics clinic / spa, an online video golf lessons provider, a large furniture bank, a missions organization working in Mexico, an instructional golf range and putt-putt course, an independent school, a small hula dance company, and others.

What our Customers are saying
What our Customers are saying


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